Everyone knows that dogs need to eat regularly. But what if your dog won’t eat? Be patient, there are many different reasons why a dog may not want to eat. They may not feel well, they may be too tired, or just plain hungry. Here are some suggestions on how to help get your pup’s appetite back up.

Give your dog a little bit of food every day. My dog does not want to eat -7 ways to bring back appetite!

It is so frustrating when your dog is not eating. There are many reasons why your pet might stop eating, but the most common cause for this issue is that they may be sick. If you’re noticing signs of illness like fever, vomiting, diarrhea or weight loss then you should consult your veterinarian.

My dog doesn’t want to eat, so I’ve tried the following seven ways to bring back their appetite:

1) Feeding them high-protein foods like eggs, meat, fish and cheese.

2) Giving them water in between meals.

3) Offering their favorite food first before anything else.

4) Getting them involved in other activities during meal time – play fetch or tug-of-war.

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals on earth. They can be your best friend, your companion, and the love of your life. However, because they are so loyal, it can be easy for them to look past their own needs in order to meet yours. This is especially true when it comes to providing enough food.

Why do canines lose their hunger?

When cravings starts to drop, it is often due to a condition or problem such as:

Cancer cells

Kidney disease or liver illness

Gastrointestinal (GI) condition (consisting of pancreatitis in dogs).

Inflammatory bowel condition (IBD).


Surgical healing.

Dental condition in pet dogs.

Tooth root abscess in pet dogs.

Couple of¬†things are worse than feeling forced to¬†pick between life-extending therapy and also your pet’s pleasure of food. Pet dog moms and dads can relax¬†assured that there are ways to¬†assist lure a pet dog to consume.

Reasons For your dog to loose appetite

Numerous pets are delighted¬†to eat anything that comes their¬†means, pet¬†dogs also have food preferences¬†as well as¬†the new food may not appeal to them. If¬†you have actually simply switched to a brand-new food and your pet dog isn’t consuming well (or at all), attempt supplying¬†them some of the old¬†food.

Any kind of brand-new ingredients or supplements may be repulsive to your dog. Great deals of animal proprietors¬†add things like glucosamine supplements or fish oils to their¬†family pet’s dishes, specifically as their pet dogs grow older. Pet dogs¬†might not like the smell or taste, and¬†also might reject¬†their meal if they sense these additives. Try removing any¬†kind of¬†supplements from their food (feed them¬†individually) as well as¬†see if they eat their meal¬†typically once again.

Attention-seeking habits:

some pets discover that they can get even¬†more attention from their owners if they refuse to eat.¬†You may have to harden your heart¬†versus their pleading appearances and also¬†be prepared to take away their food if they don’t¬†consume¬†it within a certain time frame (it’s okay to offer it¬†once more later on¬†– and remove it again if they¬†do not eat). Eventually the pet dog will certainly come to recognize that he requires to consume his meal when fed.

Canines that are fed too much might be picky at nourishments.¬†Sometimes the pet owner isn’t¬†familiar with¬†how much his dog is being fed,¬†particularly if other participants of the house¬†(or guests) are sneaking food or¬†added deals with to the pet dog. Pets might often take food by themselves also. If they’ve gladly packed¬†themselves with their stolen treasures, they may be less¬†likely to consume their regular dish.

Hot weather.

Pet dogs sometimes consume much less when it’s warm, similar to people do. If your pet dog isn’t revealing any other changes in actions, it might simply¬†be that it’s been unusually hot¬†as well as your canine doesn’t seem like having a huge meal.

Decline in exercise.

Being active helps to¬†maintain the appetite boosted. If you have actually faced¬†a period where you haven’t been able to exercise your dog as much as he’s used to, it could be that he’s just not as¬†starving considering that he hasn’t had an opportunity to burn his common quantity of energy.

Some canines are the super-mellow, go-with-the-flow kind. Has something changed in your house Рa new pet dog, visiting guests, a change in routine?


Often it’s just the procedure¬†of aging that makes food¬†much less palatable. Pet proprietors might see a steady decline of their pet dog’s interest in eating.

Switching to a new food

can cause pet dogs to turn their noses up at a meal. Many dogs are pleased to consume anything that comes their way, dogs additionally have food preferences and also the brand-new food may not appeal to them. If you’ve simply switched over to a new food as well as your canine isn’t eating well (or at all), attempt using them some of the old food. Occasionally the pet proprietor isn’t conscious of how much his dog is being fed, particularly if other participants of the house (or visitors) are slipping food or added treats to the canine. If your canine isn’t showing any various other changes in actions, it can just be that it’s been abnormally hot and your dog does not feel like having a huge meal.

7 Ways to Bring Back APPETITE

1. Feed your dog a meal with high protein and low carbohydrates

2. Give your dog a toy to play with

3. Provide your dog with plenty of exercise

4. Offer your dog some variety in their diet

5. Offer your dog some tasty treats for good behavior

6. Increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in your dog’s daily diet

7. Use homemade recipes based on your dog’s dietary requirements.

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