Dog Choking on Ball: Emergency Extraction Technique


Extraction technique on a dog choking on a ball

When a dog has an accident and swallows something, their instinct is to try and cough it up. The best way to remove the object safely is to perform an emergency extraction technique. The first step is to wrap your hands around the dog’s muzzle and use your thumbs to push down on either side of the object. If you can feel the object touching your thumbs, use your fingers to get a better grip on it.

When dinnertime comes, your dog dashes its tail and greets you with a wagging tail. But as you head toward the kitchen to prepare dinner, it bolts past you and sticks his head in the dishwasher or some other closed cupboard. You realize he’s inhaled a ball of yarn (or some other object) and is now choking and coughing violently. What do you do?

Here at Pediapets we will outline the best techniques to perform an emergency extraction on your choking dog on ball:

1. ALWAYS remember that time is of the essence. Do not panic; assessing the situation first will most likely save the dog’s life!

2. If your dog cannot breathe at all, or is having serious breathing problems, do not waste time talking to us – call Emergency Animal Medical Services (EMT for short)!

3. Do not pull on the object in the dog’s throat! The best way to extract an object from a dog’s airway is to use your hand and push the object out of the dog’s mouth.

4. If the object is lodged in the soft palate, the safest way to dislodge it is to have your finger or your palm close to the dog’s throat and pull gently.

5. Do not try to push the object out yourself. If you pull on it, you could risk injuring the dog further.

6. If the object is lodged in the oropharynx, the safest way to dislodge it is to place your hand in the dog’s mouth and gently blow it out.

7. Do not force your dog to swallow. If your dog is able to breathe, it is possible to extricate the object from the dog’s throat, but this is not a simple process.

8. If your dog is not breathing, it is highly unlikely that you can successfully remove the object from the dog’s throat.

9. If your dog is breathing, but is in extreme distress and is struggling to breathe, you may have to perform an emergency tracheotomy (which will be discussed in the next video).

10. Do not use a pair of scissors to try to remove the object from the dog’s throat! If the object is in the dog’s soft palate, it may be possible to push it back out using your fingers.

Introduction: what is an emergency extraction technique?

The emergency extraction technique for a dog that has had a ball stuck in its throat involves pushing down on the dog’s head forcefully, if the dog is small enough. If the dog is too large to grab, then one should stand over it and lift up on their hind end until they are upright on their back legs. Proceed to push down on their stomach region all while maintaining pressure on the back. Dogs playing with balls is a regular occurrence, but it’s important to perform emergency extraction techniques if your pup accidentally chokes on the toy. Efforts should always be made to avoid abdominal thrusts (more commonly known as the Heimlich maneuver), as they can cause injury to the esophagus. Instead, you should turn your dog over on their side and use your hands to squeeze their chest area in an attempt to remove the object from your dog’s throat.

The method: what should you do to perform the emergency extraction technique on a choking dog?

What should you do to perform the emergency extraction technique on a choking dog? This topic is often debated and there are a few different approaches, but one approach that can be effective is to use a hands-on technique. This technique involves pressing down on the dog’s abdomen in a rhythmic pattern between 20 and 30 times in a row. The press down quickly with your fist against the dog at the same time you count to 3. A rescue technique for choking dogs has recently become popular with pet owners. It is used when a dog or cat has eaten something it shouldn’t, and the airway becomes blocked. The technique involves gently holding the animal’s head down, then using one hand to push on its ribcage while you use the other hand to gently pull upwards on the object that is blocking the airway.

If you frequently see this happening here are some tools you want to keep handy. 

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In conclusion, as a pet owner it is vital to be prepared for emergencies. Owners should always have their pet’s medical information on hand and know the symptoms of an emergency. It is advised that owners familiarize themselves with emergency procedures for choking, as well as other common emergencies that can happen with their pets.

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